Salix Leaf Design Stylus Touch Screen Pen For iPhone iPad iPod Touch


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Compact design and very light, easily attaches to your iPhone & iPod Touch
With a screen scratch, clean your screen anywhere any time.
Soft and edged point, provides good sensitivity while being perfectly safe for your touch screen
This wonderful gadget attaches itself to your device via a 3.5mm headphone jack.
Just plug the rubber dust stopper into the headphone jack for easy stylus storage and keep all that dust out of the inside of your device. Not only will this keep you device free of annoying dust behind your screen but it will improve the life of it as well.
The stylus is easy to use and works with all capacitive screens.  It keeps your screen free and clear of annoying greasy fingerprints as well
The hard top also can be used as a stylus to those with a resistance sreen.

Color: Blue, Purple, Red, Black,Golden, Green
Suitable for: This is universal touch screen stylus pen. Suitable for any universal touch screen tablet such as Apple iPad, iPhone,Kindle Fire,Samsung Galaxy Tab etc.
Lightweight aluminium pen body

Package Included:
1 x Stylus Screen Touch Pen


Color Black, Color Blue, Color Gold, Color Green, Color Purple, Color Red


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